Hawaiian Vacation on Oahu|Days 1-3

Updated May 2020

Aloha! From the land where palm trees sway! You can just hear the ukulele playing in the background as the island breeze smells of sea salt. Most people would have a few days if not a weeks of vacation on one of the islands, but I was lucky to have two. The following seven posts recount the two weeks spent in tropical paradise.

Day One: Start of The Vacation

View out the back door

Flight: Hawaiian Airlines (SeaTac to Honolulu)

Waking up at 2:45am to catch a flight to Honolulu at 8:45am made for a long day. Lucky for us our flight left on time and arrived five hours and eight minutes later at Honolulu International Airport. When we landed it was the Hawaiian sunny weather and a warm breeze blowing most are familiar with tropical climate.

Waimanalo is an amazing small beach town to explore. There is a whole bunch of relaxing outdoor adventures to do, and two major beaches to visit.

Where I Stayed: Bellow Air Force Station in Wailmanalo.

The home base for all the adventures was the lovely Bellows Air Force Station. There is a beach called Bellows, which is the public beach that is only public from Friday afternoons to Monday mornings. The rest of the week is used as a Marine training area. The other beach further down where there is a wave break is a private beach for the base.

Me with the sign

Since we got to Bellows Air Force Station early before check in, we all decided to have some lunch at the little cafe and explore the park area until it was time to check in. Our beach cabin was right on the beach. All you had to do was open up the back door and you were practically on the beach! 

Day Two: Beach Day


Next morning I got up at around 6am to see the sunrise over the ocean. Sunrises on the Pacific are very beautiful and stunning! The day was mostly spend getting supplies for the week, and hanging out on the beach with my cousin and his friends.

Sun rise day 3

Day Three: Waikiki & Honolulu

The real fun began when we all headed over the other side of the island to Waikiki and Honolulu for the day.


Farmer’s Market in a local park in the middle of downtown Honolulu. At this market you can buy local of baked goods, fruits and veggies. Throughout the two weeks on the island I had the opportunities to shop at local farmer’s markets for local produce. Buying fresh fruit in Hawaii makes one feel spoiled and the the fruit is better tasting then the ones back home. I never will eat another store-bought pineapple after this trip.

What I Bought: Mango, pineapple, dragon fruit, and passion fruit.


Next place to explore was Waikiki area around the beach.

The Hilton Hawaiian Village

One of the many places you can shop for anything under the sun.

First place was the Honolulu Cookie Company. This cookie company is famous for the shortbread cookies shaped as a pineapple. These cookies are the best to have on hand when friends or family comes over for tea, and you have a unique tea cookie to serve.

What I Bought: Chocolate Swirl Shortbread cookies, and Mini Bites Shortbread cookies.

The second store I popped into is the famous ABC Stores. I went crazy in this store with all the things you can pickup as a suvenure from Hawaii. This place stocks even Hawaiian brand food and drink like a convenience store.

What I Bought: Hawaiian earrings, shirts with various Hawaii shirts, and macadamia nuts.


You cannot go to Hawaii and not have ice cream right? Well there is a place where they serve the only ice cream flavored passion fruit.

Tried: Passion Fruit Ice Cream, and Camel Coconut Macadamia Nut Ice Cream

Carmel Coconut Macadamia Nut

The Hilton Hawaiian Hotel:

After the ice cream treat, our group walked around the Hilton Hawaiian’s gardens and pool area. The hotel’s lobby has penguins and turtles in the garden.

Turtles hanging out

Waikiki Beach Park:

Waikiki beaches are a lot hotter in temperature than the other beaches around Oahu. It is also the most crowded as well. Going earlier in the day will allow you to have some of the beach to yourself for a little.

Fort DeRussy Park and Recreational Center:

We walked through this little park near the Waikiki Beach. This park area is was a great place to cool off from the heat of the sun during the day. While cooling off, I came across this tank outside the Army Museum. I tried to make it look like I was running away from the tank, but failed at it.

Run like a tank is behind you.

Mahalo for reading!

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