Hawaiian Vacation on Oahu | Day 7-9

Update: May 2020


Confused? Looks as if I made a short trip to Japan when really this temple is in Hawaii. I came across this little known tourist attraction when researching for things off the beaten path in Oahu.

Byod O- Temple:

The temple is a replica of a 10th century Buddhist temple modeled after the temple in Uij Japan. This temple is in a Memorial Park Cemetery where all religions are represented in this cemetery.  You can tour the grounds and take pictures as long as you are respectful. The setting is very peaceful and looks as if you are up in the mountains of Asia.

Iron Bell of good luck

Ringing the large iron bell at the temple is something to do for many Buddhist. It is believe ring the bell is to cleanses the body, mind, heart and soul of negativity. By one gong of the bell, negativity is swept away for a long a prosperous life ahead. Buddhist use it as a way to bring good luck. Well I wanted some good luck for myself, and so I rang the bell.

Me ringing for good luck

Black swans are supposed to be keepers of surprises and keep the negativity of spiritual world in check. Plus I have never seen Koi fish as huge as the ones living at the temple. My goodness they are huge!

Koi and a black swan

Inside the temple is a Buddha shrine where offerings, and incense burning. The massive Buddha statue in gold leaf dominates the room. This picture doesn’t even begin to describe how ornate the inside of the temple is. Even going bare foot out of respect was not so un natural as it would seem if this place was in a colder environment.

Buddha shrine

Dave’s Ice Cream:

Nana has this little saying, why not have dessert first. For most of the vacation the justification was to have dessert first, then have whatever else last. On our way back from the temple, we all stopped in for an ice cream at the famous ice cream shop Dave’s. Dave’s is famous for their had made ice creams, and is ranked one of the best ice cream shops on the island of Oahu.

Tried: Coconut Macadamia Nut Ice Cream


Days 8-9

Day eight

was just relaxing on the beach and exploring the Waimanio area.

Day nine

we all headed in the afternoon back into Waikiki again for our last chance at anything we wanted to do there.

Places Visited:

Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center:

Walked through the place to cool off during the afternoon heat.

Waikiki Beach:

On this particular day, the temperature must have been hotter in temperature than the other beaches around the island. As soon as I stepped onto the sand, I thought my feet were going to burn through my sandals after walking on a path for a few minutes, I just wanted to find some shade or a cool spot to be in.

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