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12th Man! Seattle Is Earthquake Loud!

I was never really a hardcore Seahawks fan until I met my current boyfriend. You can say he is a huge fan with his a lot of Hawks gear ( he bought himself a 12th man fan Seahawks jersey recently). I have always supported our hometown team as a fair weather fan. But this season, oh my! When Friday rolls around before a game, the whole city of Seattle is washed in blue and lime green with the 12th Man flags proudly displayed. At work all of us would find our navy blue lab coats, and proudly wear them in support of the Hawks. I even broke down and bought lime green nail polish to show support! I look at it as an investment since the Seattle Sounders soccer team has the same colors scheme as the Seahawks.

In the past two months it has been Hawks fever and even the NFL are starting to take notice too of how crazy and awesome the fans really are. If you haven’t seen, the Hawks fans are the loudest fans in the NFL with a record-breaking sound of 137.6 dB. Enough for one team in NFL to file a complaint about how obnoxiously loud the fan are. It did not stop us one bit. Another crazy moment is the earthquakes at Century Link Field after Lynch makes a touchdown. The University of Washington registered a magnitude of 1-2 on the seismic monitors. Crazy! Oh and we throw Skittles every time there is a touch down made by the team. So raining Skittles is a Seattle thing apparently. But I don’t need to tell anyone this for if you looked at the Championship game between the SF 49ers and the Seahawks, it is apparent on how the 12th man does it.

I have never been to a Seahawks game ever. I grew up here, but never had the chance to go to one. I came almost close to scoring tickets the Championship game, until a co-worker passed off my answer to a question our company’s CEO asked as his own. Apparently I was drowned out by his loud voice. Yep it sucked to have to have that happen but as I was told a few times, the best seats to the game are at home on a huge flat screen TV. So it was not all that bad I guess. He later in the week he sold the tickets for $4,000 for the two. Ugh! In the end I ended up watching the game with a group of my boyfriend’s friends and their girlfriends or family. I believe it was much better this way instead. Though I really wanted to see the look on my boyfriend’s face when I told him I scored tickets to a sold out game!

So Sunday I went over and watched this amazing game with a bunch of diehard Seahawks fans and found out I am not really bad luck as long as I have a Seahawks shirt on and the Seahawks hard hat on while watching the game. The back story of this superstition is the fact that every time I have watched the Hawks play at home; they always lose to the team they are playing. This has been true for my Dad who was a Oakland Raiders fan for a very long time, until a few years ago when the Seahawks started becoming a team with some staying power. I never knew why this happened, and when my boyfriend invited me over as his plus one, I was hesitant-really hesitant. In the first half of the game I though yep see I told you I am bad luck, look there is no score for the Hawks. By the end of the game things changed, and I believe it was at that point I started notice that maybe I just needed to be around diehard fans so the mojo is better. One thing I learned, I need to wear a Seahawks fan shirt and my boyfriend’s hardhat for the Super Bowl. At least then Seattle will have a fighting chance.


Yes we all ate (not throw) Skittles every time a “Beast Mode” went into action and scored a touchdown for the team or when Sherman made the game changing interception to win the game for Seattle. And now off to the Super Bowl! Feels amazing to see the Seahawks go again for second time, and hopefully win this time.