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December Mindfulness | Mindfully Being Present

Staying in the present has it’s challenges for me. I’m one of those who seems to find herself focus too much on the future than focusing on what is happening now. Anxiety I was talking about, this maybe where it all boils down to. Not being present in the moment and not taking it all in as it happens left me missing on all the wonderful small important things I have missed over the years.

One goal I wanted to test drive over the holiday season was being more mindful. For a few years I have seen this concept floating around, and wanted to know more about it. For someone who has anxiety about almost anything lately, I needed to see if this would make a difference. The holidays were the prefect time to practice being being present in the moment and being mindful of how this had an overall effect on me.

Tree bathing-Christmas tree farm

Being in the present meant focusing on what is happening right now, and how I felt about what was happening in the moment. I read more books, accepted more invites to events, and took a leadership class through church. Just being present in the local community and soaking in all the smaller moments.

I almost missed this fella on my way out!

The holiday season was the perfect month to get into being in the present. Most of the month of December was spend being busy with all the celebrations happening, and getting to soak in the last of 2019 on a happier note. Slowing down and focusing on what the season really means did help to bring the spirit if Christmas back to someone who has been missing it for a few years.

As 2020 is now official, I am making it a goal to start practicing being mindful throughout the year ahead. With a new decade comes finding new ways to deal with anxiety in a healthier way. Here is to New Year, and a healthy one!

January Mindfulness Challenge: Mindfully Being Healthy

Starting January 2nd I will be repeating the Whole30 again for the what, hundredth time. Even after all the training for my 5k last year, I still struggle with my relationship with food and being mindful to what I cram into my mouth on the daily. Also I really am exited for “test driving” the new cookbook I got as a gift at Christmas.

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