The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

The sun will come out tomorrow. This I know to be true. It may be hard to visualize this from where we are standing at present moment. Yet, the sun will come out tomorrow. Life has a way of letting us know what really matters. Take the pause from the chaos all around you and you will find the sun will come out tomorrow.

Have you asked yourself when was the last time you watched the sunset or the sunrise? With everything happening around us, the constant uncertainty of this pandemic, and feeling of loneliness, each day a gift is given to us. Each beam of light is a reminder of the real gift we have in our lives. A gift of hope, a gift of love, a gift of peace, and a gift of love.

One thing that remains constant in this ever so chaotic world is the sunrises, and the sunsets each day. To those it is a marker of passing time, for others it is a gentle reminder they are still alive, and a promise of another day to come.

What does the sunrise or the sunset mean to you? Does it mean hope (Hold On Pain Ends), gentle reminder of love, faith something better will come, peaceful, beauty, or to relax?

Which ever it means to you, remember the sun will come out tomorrow. Take a moment to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset of these days.

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