Two Months of Quarantine

It’s official: we have made it through two months of quarantine…

As much as I dislike those words, I have to remind myself that this “milestone” is only the first phase of a very long road ahead for all. To be completely honest, being quarantine for the last two months with another month to go before the optimistic end date of early May mentioned has started to wear thin when it comes to being optimistic about anything. By June we will be still practicing social distancing; returning to normal will probably take a year-if lucky. We are all eager to return to the way things were, but the reality for most, it won’t be the same, which is unnerving for many including myself. Yet being in quarantine for longer has been beneficial in a few ways.

Hearing the news about it going on longer not as disappointing- remember when they said it was for two weeks back in March? Yep here we are in April.

The longer we are all at home, the better chance for us all to beat this before a resurgence. Living close to Seattle where it all started, it’s a scary world out there right now. Just going to the grocery store is a anxiety filled trip.

Last thing we want is to repeat what’s happening right now in other parts of the country and the world.

The last thing anyone wants right now is a repeat of overcrowd hospital without the protective and life – saving supplies. With this uncertainty weighting on me, I’d rather be at home than anywhere else right now.

Being home for the past two months in this situation has some positivity which shouldn’t go unnoticed.

The entire world is on a temporary pause.

We have been given an opportunity to re-prioritize, re-structure, regroup, and re inspire ourselves without the distraction of the day to day interfering like before.

I’m taking advantage of of it as much as I can because it’s temporary. Reminding myself of the word temporary lifts the enormous burden of anxiety off my shoulders. Yes, I am still worried about things outside my control everyday like most of us. But pushing through these uncertain times by having an appreciative mindset has helped over the last two months.

So what Have I been doing since the beginning March til now?

Honestly a LOT! I feel like I’ve finally been given time to check things off my on going to do list since most people are now at home. These two months have shifted my focus on what truly is a priority, and what makes me a better version of myself. Here are a few of the things I’ve been doing to keep busy, stay positive and maintain my sanity.

Cleaning Out Projects and Organizing

I had another massive clean out of stuff in the house again.

Organized all the books spread out around the house into a central location. Filtered out the books I no longer needed, and will be donating.

Began the first stages of cleaning out the attic space full of stuff shoved up there from childhood.

Clean and scrubbed around the inside and outside the house (been having beautiful sunny days here in Seattle).

Filtered through clothing that has become worn out or no longer fits me. Been making a pile of cloths to sell on Poshmark.

Stay Active in Routine: Mind and Body

Getting outside to go for a walk around the neighborhood as much as I can in the early hours and after lunch; when it is less crowed, and easier to distance myself.

Having a daily routine where I have mindset to be productive in the day, has done wonders on my day. Each morning I sit with my coffee, and read my daily devotional before anything else. Just making my bed, do a little tiding up and getting in some fresh clothing (I am wearing jeans during the day!), has helped with my need to control over a routine in an uncontrollable world right now. This has been beneficial for my mental health.

Along with routine, I have given myself three goals to accomplish each day in my Passion Planner (highly recommend). By the end of the day, I have a better mood.

Weekly Check-in’s with Family and Friends

A few friends of mine have made it a goal to Zoom time twice a week to catch up together. Same goes with family who are afar. Hearing from them has boosted spirits and most importantly has keep a healthy connection to relive stress and worry.

Off-Screen Time

I have to admit, I have not become a Netflix couch potato all day. Instead I have found more time for reading a book. I noticed two weeks into the quarantine my eyes were becoming strained from all the time I was spending look at a screen all day. Even using my Kindle for reading was contributing to this. I decided to re-read a few classic books I love again to give my eyes a much needed break.

Exercising My Cooking Skills

I mean…. it’s inevitable that I would resort to cooking instead of take out. For the past two months I have the time to start experimenting in the kitchen with recipes I have pinned on Pinterest.

I understand supporting the local restaurant businesses these past two months was an in thing, but I find it more economical for me to cook my own food instead of take out most days. Doesn’t mean I haven’t done take out, it means I did not go crazy with it.

Navigating the Job Market While Social Distancing

You did see that right. Like most Americans I too have lost my job. I lost my job last year around Christmas, and had been looking long before COVID-19 showed up.

I have been doing a lot of phone interviews, virtual in-person interviews, and even talked to recruiting agencies to better tackle getting a job.

Doing volunteer work while quarantined through my church has helped offset the frustration of the slowing down of hiring in the biotech space here in Seattle, but after this all ends, it will soon ramp up.

Wishing you all a safe and good health during this unpredictable time. This to shall pass.

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