Fishing Trip: Sultan River

One thing about fishing is having to get up early to drive to the nearest body of water. Getting up at 4 am to be out the door by 6 am for a drive to Sultan. Lucky we got to this spot near the mouth of the Sultan and Skyhomish rivers before it started to get crowded on the river.

Being late July, I was surprised by how full the rivers were this time of year. Normally the river is running low to medium with gravel bars in the middle of river. Yet here the river was flowing full down towards Skyhomish River towards Monroe with a lot of fish (possibly).

Some areas where the bank should be were underwater. We were luck to find a spot where there was enough bank left to be able to cast a line in to the river without a boat. It was peaceful place to sit by the bank and soak in nature all around us for a few hours.

Unfortunately I did not catch a fish. I came close to one, but somehow it had other plans for the worm. I am still hopeful I will have a fish hooked by the end of the summer!

When driving back home, there was a huge line of cars with their boats, kyakes and rafts going to the river for an afternoon of fun. When we left our fishing spot, there was a line at the boat launch and a more out on the highway.

The rest of the day was to enjoy the hot sunny weather with a cold Bubly and the cat.

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