A Year Since I Blogged….

Photo by Rathnahar Sriom on Pexels.com


It’s shocking how quiet it has been around here than it has been for the last few years. Back about two years ago I would be posting at least a post every two weeks and would even stay up into the wee hours to ensure I’d get it all done.

Then Covid came rolling in like a headless horseman of an apocalypse and everything changed. My corner of the internet felt a little sluggish with a lack- lust posts, just to post something. To be honest it became a bit of a burden of trying to find something worthwhile to blog about. Over time posts began to back up and sometimes I would forget to hit the publish button until weeks had passed.

All that time I had begun to feel I had fallen out of love with blogging after so many years of doing it. But over the last year of continued blogging, I realized I simply fell out of love with blogging as it was. The routine I had was not fitting with me anymore, the style of content wasn’t mine fully, and yet I was forcing myself to adhere to it all when the beauty of blogging has always been as it is Lydia Millen’s words, “I’m restless, bored and utterly uninspired therefore something has to change.” On top of it all, I started to become immensely frustrated with it all by the end of December 2020. Maybe it was the pandemic or the fact I’m working in science during a pandemic, but I was feeling an overwhelming sense of utterly uninspired by blogging as a whole and I just could not (or would not) ignore it.

So I took a step back, or should I say a long break from this blog, threw it into private mode, and went to live offline. That was at the end of January 2021, and now it is the end of December. There has been a lot of living in between, with some of it great content to share, but there has been immense growth as well which needed to happen behind the scenes. This growth is what made me want to come back to this corner of the internet – to this blog.

Currently, I am sitting in bed with the cat cuddling next to me with a glass full of tea, and a notebook with all the ideas I have collected over the last year. It is a messy list with many cross-out lines of me finding myself as a blogger again after so much has changed. A few of the crossed-out scribbles are notes on re-launching the blog, a daunting task at times. Yet here I am making my way back to falling in love again with doing this, regaining spontaneity, creativity, and importantly my identity as a blogger.

So what I am trying to say is…I’m back, and I’m excited to embark on the unknown of what 2022 will bring.

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