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It’s the little things.


I am so excited to finally hit publish on this one and share a bridesmaid proposal box I have recently received. Three things I love most in life are my family, friends and celebrating life’s little moments each and everyday. Having my bestie ask me to be one of her bridesmaid‚Ķ.well I got SO excited! Just the thought of asking is meaningful enough, but having a proposal box with meaningful and symbolic touches of a friendship entering a new phase. I think bridesmaid proposal boxes or gifts are so much fun and just the best way to let all your bridesmaids know how much you appreciate all they will do in preparation for your wedding.

Here is what’s inside for future inspiration

The Ask Card – A simple, but very beautiful way of asking. This card matches the same theme as her wedding site, and save the date magnets.

A Campaign Glass-  Each of us bridesmaids received a glass with our name etched in the glass along with the wedding date. This type of campaign glasses are my favorite because this glass can be used not only wedding day toasts, but can be used long after (or it could be displayed at a later date).

A Dressing Robe- Cannot wait to wear this with the bride on the morning of her wedding day.

The event will not be until later this year, yet here I am already planning out how to navigate being a bridesmaid for the first time and one during a pandemic. This is the beginning of a whole new adventure as a bridesmaid.

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  1. What fun. I have never heard of a bridesmaid box and I love the contents too.


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