Three Months In On FLO Vitamins

TMI ahead. If you don’t want to know the details then this is not the post for you. Try any of the others on the blog.

Before jumping in…..

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or any kind of medical professional. The information provided in this post is of my own opinion and experiences while on Flo. This information is not substitute for professional medical advice. Advise readers to consult a medical professional or healthcare provider if they’re seeking medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. These are my personal thoughts and opinions on Flo.

Where it started:

Back in October I kept seeing these ads for FLO on my Instagram feed. First it was claiming these little gummy vitamins could help relieve menstrual cramps, and help with hormonal imbalances leading up to the first day of period. I was skeptical at first. All because it claimed you could loose up to 10 pound within a month from bloat. Yes herbs have been for centuries known to relieve discomfort surrounding every women’s time of the month. Still I wanted to see for myself if there really was any truth in the claims, because the scientist in me was curious (read reviews and did my research into the compounds in Flo.).

So what is Flo?

FLO makes PMS suck less. FLO is formulated with three herbal ingredients and a bit of B6. It is used as a vitamin to alleviate all those horrible hormonal issues the menstrual cycle brings to us women once a month. The herbs in this vitamin are lemon balm, chaste berry, and dong quai.

Claims to alleviate:

  • Cramps
  • Bloating
  • Acne (hormonal induced)
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Cravings
  • Digestion
  • Stress

Three months in:

After taking these vitamins for a week, I noticed my skin starting to clear up a little, and the old acne (deep seeded ones in the skin that seems to hang around for a long time) started to go away. New acne by the end of the month started to dimmish, with only small bumps where my mask sits all day. Even these go way within twenty-four hours. Three months in I only had one honking painful zit that happened on my nose, that took awhile to clear away. My skin is mostly clear of painful, scare inducing pimples which is a huge win for me.

The vitamin did enhance my mood, and helped me handle stress better without having to take an additional vitamin for it. I noticed I have less day of feeling overwhelmed, and my PMS symptoms of emotional moodiness (the one where you start crying for no reason or overly emotional about a small issue) lessened as the three months went by.

Less cramping, but I never got really bad cramping to begin with on my cycle. I have less bloating before my period, and during it. But the one thing that still hasn’t happened for me is the cravings being alleviated. I still gained weight while on this vitamin. So the claims in that would differ depending on other factors going on. Digestion was affected by it for the first month of taking it. I found at the beginning if I took this vitamin without food or water it would give me acid reflex, and by the end of three months I no longer get acid reflex if taken with with or without food.

So far the conclusion:

FLO does do what it says it claims to an extent. Like most vitamins on the market claiming to help with menstrual issues, this one after three months does help alleviate symptoms of PMS, acne, and those painful cramps. Unfortunate those claims of loosing ten pounds while on this vitamin did not materialize for me. Maybe the claim is for ten pounds of bloat that some people get during their period, but for me that was never the case. Overall, I will still be taking these as six out of the seven things it alleviate did help me. The vitamin is not a miracle pill or works like magic in curing menstrual cycle issues. I still believe in talking with your healthcare provider about the issues surrounding all of out menstrual cycles, and that is one of the many reasons why I like how the company that produces these states to continue to have talks with your healthcare providers. I will continue to use FLO vitamins every month.

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