March Tea Chat

Dearest Reader it has been said, the competition gives us the opportunities to stand and arise to our greatest of challenges. If that is true as Lady Whistledown put it, then March was the month of arising to greatest challenges. With each challenge, there was a whole pot of tea to drink to get through it! So lets pour some Rooibos tea, and get down to it.

This month has been full of challenges to get through. It seems a lot has happened over the past three months that I would prefer to not gone through. My mother often said growing up that troubles come in threes, and it means something wonderful is on the horizon for me. It is my hope next month will be the beginning of a better year. Fingers crossed and wearing my Turkish evil eye necklace for added measure.

The mask mandate for Washington was lifted early in the month, and even as I go about my day, I still see people wearing the mask in public. I still wear one when I go to the grocery store or out shopping, and will until I am sure the next wave is not going to undo all our hard work. The pandemic isn’t over yet. It is a period of changes needing to be made to ensure the transition from pandemic to an endemic are smooth. We will have to see.

Update on Lent Season

I have realized I may have been over zealous in my efforts this Lent season. I have managed to only slip once on my meatless Mondays and Fridays. One Friday I just mindlessly grabbed left over meat pizza for lunch and realized after consuming it, I had slipped. Yet there has been a few things as well that slipped too, like exercising early in the morning. I have been tired lately with all the drama happening at work (who would have thought!) and the constant emotional turmoil of trying not to react, but then do. Gosh no wonder why I need two cups of coffee and deep breathing exercises just to walk into work in the morning. There is still a few more weeks of Lent next month before it ends two days before Easter. I am going to make the best of the last remaining weeks to finish strong.

Seed Update

Spring has appeared and the cherry trees are full of soft pink blooms. Even the lavender seeds I planted a few weeks ago are now starting to pop out of the soil, and the other seeds are reaching their green heads towards the light from the window they are near. Excitement is mounting for when they will be planted outdoors by the end of April, early May.

The Bridesmaid Diaries Update

If you read the first post, you may have thought, what? There are tons of wedding blog content about brides giving updates on wedding planning, but not as much on updates on being a bridesmaid in someone’s wedding. I thought why not! The update on being a bridesmaid is the bachelorette weekend planned, bridesmaid dress shopping appointment booked, and invitations sent out. The next few months leading up to the wedding day is going to be busy and full of wonderful memories. More content coming in next few months.

What I Binged On This Month:
Inventing Anna – Netflix 4.5/5, Wow! Just Wow!
Bridgeton Season 2 – Netflix 3.5/5, just could not get into it like first season due to one of story lines
Sandaton Season 2 – Masterpiece PBS 4/5 so far the first two episodes are sooo good.
Midnight At The Petra Palace – Netflix 4.5/5, hope there is another season, bc it left off on a cliff hanger
The Royal Treatment – Netflix 3.5/5
Empires Ottomans – Netflix 4/5
Love Tactics – Netflix 4/5, reminded me of how to loose a guy in 10 days.

Books Read This Month:
Finished: The Architect’s Apprentice – Elf Shafak (4/5)
Undisruptive – Bob Goff (5/5)

On The Blog This Month:
International Women’s Day
In The Kitchen Garden

I am praying next month, April, will be a better month and everything from is point onward will start to be better. It is only up from here.

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