Aged Stone Vase DIY

Have you been following the DIY “found pot” trend on Instagram or Pinterest? The earthy, weathered look adds texture and character to a simple pot. I had been seeing these weather vases and pots all over interior design magazines and wanted one, but….the price tag for one of these was very pricey! So why not make one myself? I’ve done my fair share thrift store makeovers, but this one….this one wins first place prize of all I have done! I can’t tell you how surprised I am with how good my vase turned out…and it’s not nearly as difficult as it looks.

First things first, my vase was gifted to me from a friend who was moving house and did not want to move it clear across the state. After a few years of it hanging out in a corner, it was time for a makeover. You can do this DIY with any glass or pottery vase found at the local thrift store and it will come out amazing. Also the finished result has faux olive branches in arranged in vase to give it a more Mediterranean vibe.

DIY Aged Stone Vase Tutorial

Materials Used For Vase:

  • Flat Black Spray Paint Rustolium- Home Depot
  • Matted Black Spray Paint Rustolium – Home Depot
  • Dry Dex Spackling (dry time indicator) – Home Depot
  • Clear Spray Paint Rustolium – Home Depot
  • Chalk Paint (Browns, and Grays) – Hobby Lobby
  • Disposal Gloves
  • Scrap Cardboard
  • 86 Grit Sandpaper- Home Depot
  • Old Vase – given by a friend

Step 1: Rough Up The Glass

Take sandpaper and rough up the glass surface. You want to make the surface have light scratches across so the spray paint can adhere to it better.

The vase given by a friend

Step 2: Priming The Vase

To prime the vase, I took flat black spray paint with primer, and sprayed an even coat of it around the whole vase. Having a black base helped hide the bright colors, and it acts as a base for the spackling to bind to. Allow the paint to cure for 14-24 hours depending on the surrounding temperature.

Step 3: Adding The Texture

Next I added the spackling to dried paint surface. When putting the spackling on, do it horizontal like (a little uneven) like it was formed on a potter’s wheel. This gives the texture a unique look.

Allow the spackling to try for 24 hours after the color turns from pink to white (if using the dry time indicator).

Step 4: Smoothing The Rough Edges

Take sandpaper to it again, this time to smooth out some of the roughness to give it a worn over time look. This may take some elbow grease!

Step 5: Spray it Black Again

Next I sprayed it again with black matted finished spray paint. Let this dry for a least 14 to 24 hours to cure.

Step 6: Giving It Aged Look

With a light gray paint, I dried brushed it across the vase, targeting mostly around the bottom and lip of the vase. I added a touch of light brown chalk paint to highlight some of the texture on the vase. I targeted the areas of the vase where dirt would accumulate over time. I played around with the paint layers to make them naturally worn and dimensional.

Step 7: Sealing The Surface

I sealed the surface with a clear sealant spray to keep the paint from rubbing off the surface. You can skip this step if you are not going to use it with real flowers or having water in it.

Now you have an aged stone vase!

Before and After

Materials Used For Floral Arrangement:

  • Tall Faux Olive Branches – Fred Meyers
  • Smaller Faux Olive Branches – Hobby Lobby
  • Floral Foam – Dollar Tree

For the flora arrangement I went with olive branches. I picked up some floral foam from the dollar store, and cut it to fit inside the vase. Then I inserted the floral stems in the foam to anchor them in.

This is what the end result looks like. Real cool!

And that’s all to it! A unique vase without the pricey price tag.

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