April Tea Chat

All around me as I type this is the sound of bird song, and the quiet of a spring morning. It’s Sunday, the perfect day, for the perfect moment of taking it all in. Spring, the season where future is bright, and the beginning of something magical is about to arrive. I love this time of year. The tulips popping up in the most unexpected places, and the rest of the garden waking up from a long winter’s nap. I think of this time of year as regrowth, new growth, and spiritual growth all combined to make a fresh beginning. I feel renewed after Easter, when finally after 40 days of Lent, the world is right again. Mostly in my corner of the world.

Current Tea In The Cup: Pomegranate White Tea – Trader Joe’s
Tea Glass: Turkish Tea Glass – Link
Book Read This Month: Four Lost Cities – Annalee Newitz

Easter turned out to be a wonderful warm sunny day this year. In the past it has either cold and rainy or just too cold. Easter dinner was a rib of lamb, with roasted potatoes, salad, and for dessert Cadbury caramel filled chocolate egg. I don’t know if any of you had this issue this year with Cadbuy eggs, but it was hard to find the caramel ones then the cream filled ones. The week after Easter, the local Fred Meyers still had a table full of the cream ones and not one pack of caramel ones.

The rest of the day was spent reading and watching another episode of Sanditon’s second season.

My Watched List:
Disney’s Aladdin
Sanditon – Season 2 Finished
Aladdin’s Turkey – YouTube

On The Blog This Month:
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One thing I pondered about this month is my relationships with people around me. Lately I have been going through a uncomfortable growth period when it comes to the people around me of late. I came across this quote on Instagram that talked about being a character is other people’s life.

I often think about the different characters I play in everybody’s story. I’m a villain in some, a hero in others, and none of it has to anything to do with the person I am. The lens that others view you through is colored by their upbringing, beliefs and individual experiences. Some people see your bright personality as endearing and others see it as annoying. Some people think you’re weak and emotional and others feel safe to be themselves around you. Some people think you’re rude and selfish and others respect the way you stand up for yourself. Some people admire the way you take pride in the way you look and others think you’re conceited. And none of of it has to do with who you really are. So I’ve stopped trying to control the way others see me because I can’t. I have no authority over how people view me, so I might as well just get on with living my most authentic and joyful life.

~ Courtney Durr @worthwild.co

It could be the spring air that is redirecting me into another path going forward, or I have finally decided to step out of the COVID slump that has been hanging over me these past two years. Who knows what it really is, but I do know this. I might as well just get on with living my authentic and joyful life now, and stop thinking about which character I play in someone’s life. I feel this is the one of the most powerful moments a person can have when it come to taking back control of their own life and moving on to better relationships with people.

May has a few wonderful things in store for me, and I am looking forwards to what adventures it brings, and starting to see summer just around the corner.

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