The Kitchen Garden | Seedlings Move Outdoors

After spending the few months inside the house, the seeds planted at the end of February finally have been moved outside. They started taking over the window seat like a green jungle by the end of April, and needed to go outside.

With the last of the frost behind us, it was time to get the tomato plants in their containers and the rest of the plants ready to be put into their own containers for the summer months.

While planting the tomatoes, I noticed a few green leaves peeking out of the ground in another area of the garden. These were the potatoes from last year that somehow were not dug up in the fall. Great for having more potatoes grown over the summer, yet what am I to do with the ones on the counter growing shoots? I guess make a second crop.

The next steps are to keep the other seedlings in the small greenhouse they are currently in until the beginning of June and start planting them into the various locations around the garden.

Currently being planted:

White Lavender
Chili Peppers
Walla Walla Sweet Onions
Roma Tomatoes
Campari tomatoes
Bok Choy

Plants to be added:

Potatoes (red, yellow, and russet)
Sweet Basil

The garden is coming together slowly this year due to the weather, but I am confident it will be a great growing season this summer, and hopefully there will be a good harvest.

OH…… almost forgot! I did have to pull out some old lavender from the beds after they died over the winter months. Sad that they had to go, but also understanding that plants just like us do get old and have to make way for new young plants. Stay tuned for the lavender plant update in the coming weeks!

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