The Bridesmaid Diaries | Choosing A Bridesmaid Dress

Well hello, check it out! I’m actually writing another update for the bridesmaid diaries. Seems a long time ago when the last one was published, right? Last time I was catching up on what was happening in being asked and waiting for the bride to give all clear on the next steps. But today’s post is about something more recent- choosing my bridesmaid dress.

The Bride’s Vision:

  • Dusty Sage Green
  • All dresses long
  • Cowboy boots in neutral tan color
  • Dresses that fit and in the style we are comfortable in.
Dusty Sage Green

Dress Shopping Day (Try On Appointment):

Memorial day weekend all of us bridesmaids headed to David’s Bridal to pick out the dresses. As I said in an earlier post, this was my first time being a bridesmaid, and so walking through that door of the store was a little intimidating. After all, reading all the advice did not prepare me for some of the craziness about to unfold.

The first dress I tried on blew me away. I looked stunning in it, especially in a midnight blue satin as a one shoulder dress. Midnight blue is my color jam, and I’m so for the color as a bridesmaid dress option. The bride even said it was amazing one me. So I will remember that for when I go wedding dress shopping in the future (just not in blue- maybe a cream color?).

One Shoulder Dress

The second dress tried on was in the actual color of the bridesmaid dresses. The dress was a halter style with a tied back which looked really great for me. With the dress on I looked like a Greek goddess in sage green with a flowy draped skirt. This was my second option. The other two dresses I tried on didn’t cut it for me, and neither made it out of the dressing room.

Dusty Sage Green
Back of dress

I said yes to the first dress like you do on that TV show. To bad it was a short live yes, because when I went to order it, I found out the dress style I picked (one shoulder one) did not come in sage green color. WHAT? I will admit I stood there almost about to panic because I thought I would have to retry on dresses.


Ended up ordering the second choice, and booked my alterations appointment so the bust and the length can be altered to fit me. I will say it was a exhausting few hours in David’s Bridal with the store being busy with prom, wedding, and bridesmaids dress appointments. After finishing up we all headed over to Red Robin for a burger and bottomless fries.

Bridesmaid Dress: Chiffon Tank Scoop Neck, Style F20535.

Knowing what the other girls picked, we are going to look amazing and the bride will look stunning. And doesn’t the bride deserve to be surrounded by amazing friends in amazing dresses? Her dress is as stunning as ever. Cannot wait to show you all the end result of what the dress looks like on me. Stay tune for the wedding day post.

Tips I Picked Up:

  1. Wear nude undergarments when dress shopping
  2. If you know what shape wear you are going to have, wear it.
  3. Pick a few silhouettes to try on. Never know if the ones you thought would not work do work in the end.
  4. David’s Bridal dresses online may not be in store. Check out the style board to make sure you have the correct dress styles and style number.
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