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I would love very much rewind back the weekend of the bachelorette weekend. It went by way to fast and I wish I could do it all over again with an extra day thrown in there! I cannot believe it has come and gone because it was one of the best weekends in a long time. By long time, I mean I took barely any photos just like the other girls (a sign of a great weekend and living in the moment) but I’ve been asked by a few people already to pull out the photos to share.

So here it is- a run down of the most incredible weekend with the most wonderful people and why I cannot wait to get back to Eastern Washington again in the next few months.

Getting there is half the fun:

The weekend of the bachlorette I traded in one heatwave for another. It was in the lower 80s when I left Seattle mid-morning to beat the noon day traffic through Bellevue. Heading up the mountain pass to other side of the state was exciting to me, since this would be my first time doing it by myself. And it was a success since I made it there and back in one piece! Prosser was where my destination was, the heart of wine country.

The Old Victorian Farm House:

I pulled into Prosser early afternoon behind a semi truck stacked with empty Rainer Cherry boxes. A reminder of cherry season was happening around the area. A few minutes later I pulled into the driveway of a Victorian farm house called Seven Gables Pensione. an Arbnb we rented for the whole weekend. The place was beautiful inside and out.

The first night we all enjoyed BBQ hamburgers and sipping cocktails in the warm night to the sounds of crickets chirping and laughter from all of us as we call caught up late into the night.

Wine Tasting at the Vintner’s Village:

Before heading our for our wine tasting, we all put on our bachlorette sashes and head out the door. Mine said “Sexy and Single” with a button holding it to my shirt saying “The Sober One.” Hilarious when you think about what was next to come.

The Bride Tribe

A few wineries were a short walk up the road from where we were staying at the Vintner’s Village. The village has a few tasting rooms a short walk from each other you could do in one afternoon.

Our first stop was at the Martinez and Martinez Winery were we had our first Frosé (frozen rose) of the tasting.

Second stop was at Airfield Estates Winery Tasting Room were I fell in love with there wine. We sat down outside the hanger doors and sipped our various drinks in the hot shade with a waterfall in the background. The wine tried, Pear Riesling Spritzer, Mimosa Flight, rosé slushies, and a few brews.

Third stop was the Smasne Cellars- Country Line Tasting Rooms were we did an unsuccessful tasting flight that ended up being all of ours least favorite wine. At this point I was feeling my wine, and I really just wanted to have another round of rosé or any sweet wine at this point.

Our last stop was not in the wine village, but on the other side of town, 14 Hands Winery. At this place I got my Frosé again (see a pattern? I love rosé wine). The wine flight we did came with a Chuker Cherry Chocolate Paring. Chocolate cover cherries + wine = best way to round out an afternoon of wine tasting.

After wine tasting we all went back to Seven Gables to cook dinner and get ready for round two of the weekend festivities.

Karaoke In Downtown Prosser:

Originally we were all going to do it at a place called the The Barn Restaurant, but they were closed (on a Saturday night!). So in our Bride Tribe T-shirts we headed to downtown Prosser to Bern’s Tavern Pub and Grill.

I did not karaoke in the end, but a two of the girls did, and OMG it was the best thing ever! The maid of honor and another bridesmaid in their crazy buzzed state decided to do the song Let The Bodies Hit The Floor by Drowning Pool in a country/cowboy bar. The reaction was hilarious from the crowd, and the group of girls near our party were in shock at the display. I could not be any more proud of those two when they finished to a bar quiet for thirty seconds before moving on. We left around one in the morning after I and a few others were cut from performing by two other girls. It was time to get some sleep and give my liver a chance to rest before making the drive back to Seattle the next day.

Back To The Grind:

The next morning I packed up my suitcase, and headed down the road back to Seattle from 90 degrees heatwave to another heatwave of upper 80 degrees. I arrived home five hours later after a huge slow down on I-90 and people slowing when a military fighter jet came flying low in promotion of new Top Gun movie.

The weekend was truly wonderful and the bride was truly happy to have all her girls around the celebrate.

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