The Bridesmaid Dairies | Bridal Shower

Tick tock the clock is ticking down to the big day, and this was one last bridesmaids activity until rehearsal night. I cannot believe we are almost there, six more weeks until the day my best friend gets married and three weeks until I pick up my dress! Seem like yesterday when she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids.

The bridal shower was hosted by my friend’s sister-in-law at her house in Burbank Washington just outside the Tri-Cities (Richmond, Kennewick, and Pasco). On the day of the shower I headed out for a four hour drive at the beginning of the heatwave that was about to hit that part of the state (think upwards of 115 degrees F!). Thank goodness it hadn’t come to that temperature when I was there!

Once I arrived, it was like a family reunion with the bride’s extended family who hasn’t seen me in years- maybe a decade or two. It was already hot by the time I found a lawn chair in the backyard with a cold drink in my hand and a BBQ hamburger with the famous potato salad. A few children where at this shower, and brought so much joy to an already joyful day.

Isn’t she so cute!

The bride to be enjoyed all the love from each of us, with the gifts we all brought her. She was stocked up on aroma therapy candles, bath soups, and a picnic wine set. For me I got her the dishwasher safe wine glasses after she broke so many just by washing them by hand.

After some of the party guest left I stayed and hanged out with the rest of the bride’s friends and family soaking up the beautiful warm sunny late afternoon since I wasn’t driving another four hours back to Seattle that night. I fed some chickens and cows that were in the field outback of the house with the cutest helper, Mila. I miss those days of long hot summers in the country surrounded by farm animals (not the smell of course, just the animals in the fields).

I spent the night at the bride’s mother’s place outside of Pasco. The quietness of the place was a breath of calmness to me after a busy day full of travel and laughter. The next morning I left mid-morning to be back in Seattle by early evening with the heat staring to ramp up. At one point I stopped at one of the local produce stands along the way before heading for the passes, and it was in the upper 80s lower 90s!

I arrived back in Seattle to mid 80s, and a lot of bug splats on my windshield. I was another short weekend adventure, yet a long enough to recharge before heading back to work the next day.

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