Barclay Lake Hike

After going a year an a half without much hiking, this 4.4 mile round trip without much elevation gain was a blessing! The day after this hike I hardly had any muscle soreness and was ready for more hikes.

This trail is a popular hike for beginner hikers, backpackers, and families with kids. For those who want an overnight backpacking trip, there are camping spots along the lake with stunning views to wake up too in the morning. When the group of friends and I made it up to this lake, there were a few people camping along the lake.

Barclay Lake with Mt. Baring in the background

The lake is a peaceful alpine lake, feeding the lower Barclay river further down the trail. At one point you do come across a bridge that goes over this river, and is a nice spot to stop and take it in. The water is clear, crisp and refreshing on the toes!

Part of the trail

This is a great hike to do in the summer or fall before the snow pack. At one point along the trail there were pockets of snow still on the ground. It is a muddy hike in some areas, so be prepared for some wet conditions on the trail.

Overall, this hike to Barclay Lake is one of my favorites. The trail is easy for those who want a fun hike that does not take all day to do, and a scenic trail with many viewpoints along the trail. I recommend giving this hike a try.

Barclay Lake Trail

Location: Central Cascades – Stevens Pass
Length: 4.4 miles round trip
Elevation Gain: 500 ft
Parking Pass/Entry Fee: Northwest Forest Pass

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