Tea Chat | August

The dog days of summer has come to a close on another 90+ degree summer. The trees are starting to change color by the end of the month around here, and a slight nip is in the air at nights. Summer is transitioning to autumn and already in the stores are Halloween and Christmas decorations. It’s to early for either to be on the shelves, but I understand, we are turning our thoughts to cozy.

As I write this, there is two more weeks until my beautiful friend marries the love of her life, and a start of a new journey. Yes there is a little ping of sadness in there along with true happiness for her. This autumn I feel will be a season of turning and changing for many of us. I remember reading somewhere, that autumn marks a time of new year beginning as another closes, unlike the mark of December turns to January. With this wedding in a few weeks, it feels true down to my very core. Anticipation awaits on the crisp air of autumn soon to come.

August has been a quiet month. The garden has been growing, and the tomatoes have gone crazy with ripe tomatoes to be picked. Already I can see I will be eating a lot of tomatoes in the coming month and possibly start making tomato sauce out of them. I will update you on what I do. I brought another pot of plants home – succulents really. The plant party at church was a low key affair with all of us DIY our pot’s designs and picking out a few succulents to accent them. I keep telling myself I do not need anymore plants- indoor plants that is. But I still manage to come home with one.

I did pick up my bridesmaid dress after alterations were done, and started to round up all the other things needed to complete the look. To be honest, it hasn’t been the best experience with David’s Bridal, and will be revisiting the bridesmaid dress shopping experience in another post.

Books Read:
The Science of Murder: The Forensic of Agatha Christie – Carla Valentine
Mr. Malcolm’s List – Suzanne Allain
The Palace Papers – Tina Brown

The Palace Papers is about the Windsors (British Royal Family) and all the truths behind close doors. I will say it has some juicy bits, yet there are some shockers that I didn’t even know. Prince Andrew and his “friendships” with sketchy, downright international criminals just shows how yucky some of the members of the family are.

The Science of Murder is all about the forensics science behind Agatha Christie’s detective novels. A fascinating read about the beginnings of modern forensics and how Christie incorporated them into her novels. A real treat for those who love her novels and those who like myself love a cozy British murder mystery.

Watched List:
Purple Hearts – Netflix
Trainwreck Woodstock 99 – Netflix
Sandman – Netflix
Next 365 Days – Netflix
Another Self – Netflix

Another summer has come and gone with August, Now its full steam ahead of autumn days.

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