Tea Chat | September

A month of changes.

That is all I can say when I stepped into the month of September. A dawning of a beginning and the end of something. Autumn brings renew as the days begin to change in the colors of the leaves, reminding us all a season in our lives are coming to a beginning or to a close.

It’s hard to imagine the world was thrown into the tides of change at the beginning of this month. One era came to an end (70 years) as another began. “The Queen is dead, God save the King,” was echoed clear across the world. Queen Elizabeth the second had died, long live the King, King Charles the third. Many of you may remember a post I had done a few months back in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee. No matter where I am in the world, there is still a part of me who has a connection to the people of UK.

Grief is the price we pay for love.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain

She was and always be a remarkable women who had a major impact on generations of people around the world, and her absents will be felt for sometime. Changing of the old guard, as the new guard steps up is what my Nana has said a few times over the years as changes happened within the Royal Family and around the world. May the Queen Elizabeth rest in peace now.

Thank you ma’am for everything.

Another change closer to home was my childhood friend’s wedding. One moment she was a Miss and then within thirty minutes of walking down the aisle, a Mrs. The change seemed subtle, but it had massive change for a few of us. The amount of friends we both have that are single has been dwindling for a few years. At the bridal bouquet toss there was only three of us over the age of 18 who were still single. By the end of the night it was a calming peace was coming over me as I made my way back to my hotel room. I wish them all the love and happiness in the world as they embark on their married life.

I love you, I wish and pray one day you will find him, Lacey. This is a path I want to see you walk.

My friend Megan (on one day getting married)

Soon I will account all that happened at the wedding, completing the bridesmaid dairies series.

With the changes in the seasons in September, came time to harvest the veggie garden. The tomatoes have been growing like crazy, and I can tell you this, a tomatoes is a fruit and not a veggie because the plant grew like a bushy tree. Four tomato plants produced a years worth of tomatoes for us. The same for the leeks, potatoes, onions and the basil plant. Even with the summer coming later than expected this year, it turned out to be a fruitful harvest of garden veggies.

Going fishing had it’s challenges this past month. It didn’t go as planed when you face a wildfire nearby. The Bolt Creek Fire burned between Index and Skyhomish WA up on Steven’s Pass had my Dad and I turning back around. As we drove towards the pass, you could not see Mt. Index from all the smoke in the air, and the light became darker to the point of needing headlights. As we rounded a bend in the road ahead on the mountain side was glowing red with thick black smoke billowing. Once we had turned around and made it home, we found out they had closed the road further up to where we were heading to go fishing. In the Seattle area the smoke and ash continued to sweep in as another fire further south was burning.

The first day of Autumn came and with it lighting of the fall candles. The moment I got home on the autumn equinox, I lit my Autumn candle by Bath and Body Works to sit down with a cup of fall harvest tea from Trader Joes and a really good autumnal book. I did buy another autumnal candle which should last me until the end of November, right before Christmas starts. Which reminds me, have you see the Christmas stuff in store? I guilty of buying a few Christmas decorations from the Target Dollar Spot the other day. I’m not ready yet for the Hallmark Channel countdown to Christmas just yet, so I will be packing away the decorations until after Thanksgiving.

Books Read:
Death On The Nile – Agatha Christie
The Other Miss Bridgerton – Julia Quinn
Desperately Seeking a Duchess – Christi Cadwell
Book Lovers – Emily Henry

What I Watched:
The Devil’s Perch – Travel Channel (started the series)
Selling the OC (Season 1) – Netflix
Love In The Villa – Netflix
Get Smart With Money – Netflix
The Sandman – Netflix (finished it)
The Bling Ring – Netflix

With September slowly transitioning into October, it feels like the beginning of something new on the horizon. Autumn feels like a new beginning and with this past month having so much change, it is only going to continue as I step into October. I have a feeling October is going to have just as much change as September. I can feel it in the crisp air.

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