The Bridesmaid Diaries | Day Before The Wedding

Wedding weekend kicked off with a 4.5 hour drive to Pasco Washington a day earlier and not a dime short. If you read September’s Tea Chat you would know there were two wildfires burning in the state, giving everything smokey haze until were were halfway across the state. At 3pm I check our party into the Red Lion in Pasco, and then headed to the nearest grocery store for snacks and dinner. The hotel was located close to where the wedding venue was and the on/off ramps of the freeway.

The morning before the wedding I awoke to the screaming of two little kids in the room next door throwing a fit. This would be an everyday occurrence for the next three nights that we were there. Stepping out on the balcony didn’t far better either with my complementary coffee from the breakfast bar downstairs. I forgot how Pasco was surrounded by farmland, and being in the middle of harvest season, you could smell manure wafting in the air. A reminder of how long it has been since I have smelled this kind of air. Awhile!

First stop of the day was to get my nails done with the bride, and one of the other bridesmaids at a nail salon in Pasco. Urban Doll was where we all had an appointment to get our nails, was only a fifteen minute drive down the freeway! Something that is unheard of around the Seattle area.

Checking into the nail salon we checked out the nail color options, and what type of nails we want. I knew coming to the salon that I was getting a gel since I wanted to take advantage of the nail polish on my nails for longer period, and that acrylics are a no-no when working in the lab.

I decided on a gel nail polish with silver glitter with a nail shape square tips. I wanted something simple, yet bridal, yet glittery when I was holding my flowers.

I will be honest here, I have never had gel nails done before, and it was a steep learning experience. First of all the nail technician started in on my cuticles, cutting them back or off, and at one point did make me bleed on two fingers. If any of you reader know, is it possible for them not to cut your cuticles or trim them, but leave them along? Let me know for the future. Then grind the nail a little to make a rough surface for the polish to stick. Then the polish began for each finger a total three times under the UV curing lamp before it was done.

The bride chose to have acrylics in the style of ombre bridal pink fading into a while, and the other bridesmaid had a gel just like mine with rose gold glitter. The rest of the bridesmaids were a glitter close to silvers and pinks that matched the brides in the end.

I was done within an hour, and way before the bride was done with her acrylics who started a whole 30 minutes before me. After the nail salon visit I went back to the hotel room to take a much needed nap, and to prepare for later than afternoon for the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.

Nails: Urban Doll – Pasco WA
Hotel: Red Lion Inn – Pasco WA

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