The Bridesmaid Diaries | Rehearsal & Dinner

There is a country song that kept whispering as I drove to the wedding venue, Dirt Road Anthem – Jason Aldean. All those fields of wheat, corn, veggies, alfalfa, and much more. The scene along that country road was just like the old days, and just like those scenes you see in the Hallmark movies. Beautiful all around, and quiet, just the wind blowing along.

A big o’l yellow mailbox marks were you turn onto a semi gravel paved road to the venue, near a small airfield. Pulling into the venue’s parking lot, it was stunning!

I have always loved country weddings, that are out in the middle of the countryside surrounded by wide open fields of farmland. This place was way out there past fields ready for harvest, and the quietness where you could hear the sound of the wind blowing. The wedding ceremony setup was already done for us in what looked to be a huge expanse of the owner’s backyard. What you will not see in many of the venues pictures is the in ground pool off towards the huge house. A few of us thought it would be hilarious to have the bride and groom jump into the pool after the whole thing was done. Spoiler, it didn’t happen.

where we all be standing on the day of

In the procession I was positioned second to last of the line with the groom’s cousin as the groomsmen. I am glad the bride had us all wear cowboy boot instead of heals because those would surely get stick in the grass as we walked.

View from the back

We all got a tour of the grounds and the building that were going to be used for the wedding including the bridal get ready suite, where the groomsmen get ready room, and where the reception was going to be. The reception was in the barn with huge doors that open out on to a terrace part which helped since the weather was starting to turn cooler, but still was warm. The inside was stunning with all the decorations already started to be put up. It was going to be a beautiful day for the couple the following day.

The rehearsal only took about twenty minutes to perform before we all were heading back to our hotels to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

Rehearsal dinner was hosted by the groom’s family at the Hampton Inn where the groom’s family was staying. The funny thing is when I arrived with two other bridesmaids, we walked into the lobby to a large gathering of people there for an award ceremony and a book signing looking confused. The people at the front desk got a chuckle out of it and directed us to the location of our dinner.

The theme: Mexican- Cinco de Mayo.

The couple were engaged in Cancun Mexico right before the start of COVID, and so it was a fitting theme for their rehearsal dinner prepared by the groom’s family.

So all I could do was, hora de comer tacos, beber tequila con la feliz pareja!

So what was on the menu?

  • Tacos (shredded beef and chicken)
  • Black beans (thank goodness not re fried!)
  • Mexican style rice
  • Fixings for taco salad
  • Margaritas (blueberry and peach)
  • Tequila and soda
  • Lots of fixings to add to the tacos
  • Dessert: chirros, blackberry cheesecake, brownies, and assorted cookies.

Of course we had to do the customary Tequila shot for the bride! The picture right above is few minutes before we all took the shots. I will admit, I’m not a tequila shot type person, so I am glad it was just a small shot compared to what I had at the bachlorette party. Yep the burn was real this time, but I am glad the tacos stayed down! Okay gross I know. But I did chase it with a coke-cola which was just as nasty.

By the end of the night my sides hurt from laughing so much and a huge grin was plastered to my face. It could have been the Tequila and Margaritas I had, or just the combo of friendship all of us have built over the last couple of months.

Rehearsal Dinner
: Hampton Suites Inn – Pasco WA
Wedding Venue: Stone Ridge Estates – Pasco WA

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