The Bridesmaid Diaries | The Wedding – Getting Ready

Getting up at 6:30 am in the morning after a night of partying at the rehearsal dinner left we a little hungover and sleep deprived. Three of us bridesmaids were scheduled for an early morning hair and makeup appointment. Thank goodness we all agreed to stop off at the nearest Starbucks for coffee and breakfast.

Makeup & Hair

I was the first in the makeup chair with the makeup artist who did a simple natural makeup look on me that brought out my lashes better then falsies.

After the makeup

Then it was time for the hair, which when I think of it, why did I go for this hair style? The rest of the girls opted for natural flowing hair and I look like an old maid with a bun that took a total of……33 bobby pins to hold and even then it kept having issues. In the future I will not do this style of hair. But overall it looked classic and great.

All three of us where there from 8 am to 10:30 am and that was just the three of us, and the rest were to have theirs done at the venue in time for the 3pm start time.

Complete look

Getting Ready

Tearing down an old back country road outside of Pasco before the wedding to the venue was pure magical sunshine. Not a cloud was in the sky and nothing but warmth instead of the heatwaves the area had a few day prior.

Arriving at the bridal suite there was an excitement buzz in the air as everyone else had arrived and were getting ready. We all changed into our getting ready robes along with the bride. There was champagne, vodka, tequila, and juice all laid out on a table for all of us. Those toasting glasses we all received in our bridesmaid proposal box were used as we cheered to the new soon to be Mrs.

After all the bridesmaids has their makeup and hair done, we all got into our dresses for the big reveal with the bride.

First Look With The Bridesmaids

Before the reveal, the flower girls found a butterfly that didn’t quite make it from the heat, and in show of new beginnings (one of the flower girls told us) of the wedding, they gave the butterfly a proper burial. Such a sweet moment of these three (who are the bride’s nieces) in that moment.

The first look for us bridesmaids started out with all of us with our back turned on the front steps of the bridal suite waiting for the bride and her Mom to come out. When she did this happened….

She looked beautiful!!!! The moment was so sweet and full of tears too as in a matter of an hour she would be no longer a Miss but a Mrs.

So much love and excitement in the moment!

Now all we had left to do was get her married to the love of her life and then party it up with them.

Photo Credits: Rebecca Lynn Photography, Myself, Family and Friends.

Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup:
Makeup: Lena’s Lash Bar – Richland WA
Hair: Atlas Salon – Richland WA
Nails: Urban Doll – Pasco WA

Bridesmaid Outfit:
Dress: Chiffon Tank Scoop Neck Style (F20535), Dusty Green – David’s Bridal
Cowboy Boots: Bridget Boots – Laredo Boots from Best Western
Earrings: Bijoux Bar – JC.Penney’s
Shape-wear: Backless Lace Bodysuit Deep V Neck Bridal Body Shaper (Nude) – Amazon

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