The Bridesmaid Dairies | The Wedding – Ceremony

Cue the Kleenex is how one bridesmaid whispered to the rest of us as the bride began to walk down the aisle. The weather could not have been any perfect for a early autumn wedding day. There was a quiet gentle breeze floating across the ceremony as people gathered for a small country wedding outside of Pasco.

But first lets backup to all the bridesmaids…..

I will say I was very nervous about walking down the aisle knowing the attention would only be on me for a short while. But yet it was my first time as a bridesmaid unlike the others who had either been one before or who were already married at this point.

Grooms Men and Bridesmaid Entrance

I was paired up with a a cousin of the groom’s who was standing in for a groomsmen that did not even show up. I am thankful for not having to go down the aisle by myself. In the end he did a fantastic job of it.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearer Entrance

This cutie stole the show until the bride’s entrance.

Such sweetness! These girls are the nieces of the groom.

The Bride’s Entrance

As I said cue the tissues! If I wasn’t a bridesmaid but a guest, I would be tearing up at how beautiful that moment of seeing her as she walked towards her groom. The song I do not remember, the expression on both their faces, I will remember. I needed a tissue!


It took only fifteen minutes to get these two married. I felt it was too short and would want to relive it over again!, Short, beautiful, and sweet moment.

Then just like that they were married and we were all going up the aisle for the pictures and the reception.

Bridal Party Pictures

What you cannot see in the pictures are us forgetting our flowers and had to have someone get them from the bridal party table at the reception. We were all so excited about our plan of one of the photos that we forgot our flowers.

Then we decided to do something funny on the couple….

Then a picture with the bride…

Behind the scenes of the photo shoot

Now it was time to celebrate and party into the night!

The Bouquet Flowers:
Yellow and White Roses
Sprigs of green
Sprigs of wheat
Yellow and White Carnations
White daisies
Stephanotis flower
Tied with burlap and pinned with white pearl pins.

Venue: Stone Ridge Estate – Pasco WA

Photo Credits: Rebecca Lynn Photography

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