To Accomplish In 2023

First off out of the gate is to accomplish going the whole month of January doing this Bloganuary. That will be an accomplishment in it’s self!

Mostly what do I want to accomplish this year? A great question for someone who up until about midnight thought she had it all figured out. I really wanted to pick the most obvious one, get healthy and loose the weight. Yes that is an obvious one many of us have on our list every year, including me for what, six years. But as I sat in church this morning, it occurred to me that being healthy and loose the weight really meant to take all the spiritual weight that has been weighting me down over the years. Healthy means more than how you physically look on the outside, it is also what’s on the inside, and that includes spiritual health.

The year 2022 did a number on my health, both physically and mentally. It is the reason as a blogger I decided not to do the end of they year recap that I have done in the past, instead did the monthly tea chats. My mental health took a beating by the end of the year as well, and I had reached rock bottom more than once by this point. I think we all did really with all that had happen the whole year. This year I decided I want to focus on my health. This means physical. mental, emotional and spiritual health.

To answer the question today, the first day of a brand new year, the one thing I want to accomplish in 2023 is getting my health back.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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