Are You Brave?

Am I brave? That is the question I ask myself every time I find myself in a difficult situation. Bravery is something people say to those who are have done heroic acts. But what does it really mean to be brave?

Brave: having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear, or difficulty.

Being brave is not about facing danger like the Marvel Comic superheros. It’s about showing metal strength, moral strength when facing our fears, difficulties, and showing strength when facing danger to ourselves.

Yet stepping into the new year, we are being brave. Brave to what is to come and whatever fears we may have for the the next twelve months.

So am I brave?


Everyday I am brave to face another day of the unknown possibilities and what will come. Brave to make my goals and dream a reality.

The question is, are you brave to make this life everything you want it to be this New Year?

I bet so.

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