Chapter 1: Beginning Of A New Year

Like a blank page set before us full of possibilities that only the next twelve months will reveal. Exciting yet daunting at the same time seeing all those blank spaces in our planners and all the life yet to live. Opening the first page of January, the crisp clean pages or more like a clean slate seem full of hope. Fresh dreams, fresh opportunities, and a fresh outlook for the months ahead.

It is also a time of year where as I glance at my new Passion Planner, and know it is a time of goals rather then resolutions. When I tucked away my planner from last year, I reflected on my learnings from last year. The goals I met, and the ones still in progress. Progress equals constant growth.

With that in mind, when I think about my goals for 2023, doing more of what truly makes me happy and healthy is definitely on the list. It was also a year where I embraced seasonal living and let the timeless beauty of nature guide me.

For me, deep down, I know this will be a better year then last, and doing my best as I navigate the months ahead. I go into this year without intentionally going out of my way to hurt or upset others and continue to navigate each chapter of 2023 with my head held high.

For me 2022 taught me some of the biggest lessons, and as I take on 2023, I will practice what I have learned.

With that said, welcome to the first chapter of 2023.

Let’s make this a magical one.

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