Lost Treasure

Have you gone past a place that has been there for a very long time? A place where there are generations of memories and history in the fabric of it’s walls. Those historical places, not the ones that have an major mark in history of time, but ones that tell a story of the local history.

Then one day it’s gone.

Torn down to make way for something new, and modern or as recent in our community, burned down by arson.

For the past few years the city I live in has seen major changes that have reshaped the landscape of our once beautiful unique city. Much loved establishments gone by the wrecking ball to make way for more dense housing (apartments, town houses and condos) that have no character and destroys the neighborhood. Old houses torn down to make way for more houses jammed into a small lot, and all of these stick out as a ugly towers bearing down on the houses next to them. The uniqueness of the many different architectural eras built over the years of the city, treasured for so long, now gone.

The treasures of our community lost. Treasures of beautiful homes and businesses lost. Even the treasure of nature is gone along with this mass building of modern times.

The treasures lost to the modern times. That is what I considered lost treasure.

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