Why I Write and The Joy of It

** I know I missed a day! So here is a double prompt post.**

Writing is therapeutic and it helps keep the creativity alive in a world that slowly fading when it comes to creativity-of late.

I started to think about writing my first novel during the pandemic when we were all house bound. Slowly I have been working on it, and have to say one day, it will be finished. I find the reason why I write is something really cache.

There are untold stories within us that are wanting to be told.

There is a beauty about the written word no matter the language. It’s self expression, it’s to ponder, and it grows further, building on what has come before.

Also writing brings me joy.

When I began my blog back ten plus years ago, it was a way of healing from something that changed my life. The title of the blog A Biotechie’s Life came to be as a journal in the beginning, then evolved as the years went by to other things.

Being an analytical person- it is why I am in science- it is an outlet for creativity that uses more of a different side to me. It brings me joy to write a blog post, or a chapter in a manuscript for a novel.

That is why I write.

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