Sounds of the light pattering of water hitting the the glass of the skylight in the quiet morning light awoke her to another gray misty day. The rain drops turned into small channels of water flowing down the glass, making the emerald green of the trees towering over the house blurry.

Photo by Sam Willis on Pexels.com

The pale grayness of the light filtering through the watery glass on the first day of the new year indicated the prayer she said last night to end the horrible year she had, in fact been answered. As she watched from where she laid, watching the rain drops hitting the glass of the skylight, she knew on this morning all that had happened was being washed away. A clean slate.

Pulling the blinds up, she glanced out at the vibrant emerald green of the world of the plants around her. Against the muted tones of winter, where everything was silent, dormant, and waiting for the spring to arrive.

Photo by Peter Fazekas on Pexels.com

In the stillness of the morning she stood on her back porch taking in the magical sight of rain drops on the green leaves of the plants, and dripping of those drops as they move from one leaf to another, as it made it’s way towards the soil. Taking a sip of coffee, feeling the cool refreshing mist of the rain coming down, and drinking in the smell of crisp clean beginnings the only the rain could bring.

So she threw open the windows of her house, and invited the rain to come in and wash away the old, and refresh her spirit for the coming year.

Wanted to share this inspiring song for you all. Enjoy

*The author lives in the Pacific Northwest where some form of rain can be found almost six months of the year, with rain jackets and rain boots are a fashion accessory. *

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