A Memorable Gift That Turned Into A Changed Life

Today I am going to combine two of the prompts because the most memorable gift I have received also is a book that changed my life.

I have lived by this saying, a book can change someone’s life, and lead to a memorable moment in that person’s life. For me there are too many books that have touched parts of my life, often leaving me changed by the end. When a book is a gift, and one that is memorable to the receiver, it changes a life.

The book in question? The Bible. The exact one, the New Believer’s Bible NLT. I received this now battered book that had gone all the way to Tanzania and back with me in 2017, was given Easter Sunday 2012 by a pastor who would a few years later baptize me.

This memorable gift has changed the way I live my life to this day, and one that has helped me through some of the most darkest moments of my life. It changed my life for the better, and continues to change it every time I read through it.

The memorable gift that turned into a book that changed my life. The gift of knowing Jesus.

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