A Chore That Is A Challenge

Oh boy! I cannot believe I am going to admit this. The chore I find challenging is making my bed in the morning.

Yep, making the bed.

How hard is it to make the bed in the morning? I mean all you have to do is roll out of it, pull the sheets up, bedspread up and put the pillows nicely on it. Simple. That is what my mother would tell me time and time again.

Simple until you put a cat into the mix and then it even becomes complicated. A real chore. Have you tried making the bed when a cat is in it? Yeah the bed is going to be left unmade until the said cat decides to find another sleep location.

Still, cat or no cat, the chore of making my bed is a challenge when you say, running late for work. I ask myself how many blankets and throw pillows does a girl need? No wonder I hate doing this first thing in the morning with the coffee still trying to kick in and crunch time to get out the door.

So maybe these are excuses. Maybe it is a challenge, or maybe I need to be whipped into shape when it come to my lack of bed making skills. Either way, I find it a challenge. Simple as that!

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