How I would Spend A Billion Dollars?

How many times have you bought a lotto ticket? With each number printed on it, you have a small hope that the whole combo would give you the billion dollar jackpot. Lately that is what has been happening. Yet I am still wondering when will there be another winner from Washington State. Will see.

So how would I spend my billions?

First of all I would settle all my debt. Student loans paid, any other debt paid, and then invest the rest into keeping myself out of debt. Simple, not fun thing, but that is just a small part of what I would spend it on.

Second I would travel the world for awhile to keep those coming out of woodwork from finding me. I have been a big admire of people who travel the world, living a few months at a time in various locations. Maybe that would be my next career if I won the lottery.

Third I would set a side some money for organizations that are close to my heart.

Fourth, when I am done with the traveling, I would buy a modest house with some land and live a quiet life.

But then I could be the girl in Gwen Stefani’s song….

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