A Smell, A Memory & A Place In Time

To this day the smell of BBQ chicken kebabs with Naan bread on a street corner brings back a moment in time that I will never forget. Sitting on a street outside of the best BBQ chicken places called Khan’s BBQ is Arusha Tanzania, eating the best BBQ chicken in my life (sorry dad!), and hear something not heard by my ears before.

Here is an except from a post about it back in 2017.

Khan’s BBQ:

After a stop at the hotel for a quick refresh, we all headed downtown Arusha to eat street food at Khan’s BBQ. We all ate BBQ chicken, Naan bread and some beef kabob on a street corner in the middle of a bustling evening in the city.

Image result for khan's bbq arusha

The chicken was not as spicy as I thought it would be, and the Naan bread was sooo yummy! I have not had any Naan bread as good in my life!

IMG 5346

Sitting in the evening light in good conversation with the sound of Muslim call to prayer echoing through the streets. Something is not heard in the US very often and it has an eerie sound to it. Street dogs begging close by for scraps of food, and having rocks thrown at them to keep them away. Eating street food in Africa without getting sick was a relief. It seemed normal sitting in the street lights in the middle of Arusha and having a sense of magic in the air that only happens once in a lifetime

The trip to Tanzania was a sensory overload at times, and I am grateful this one moment with BBQ chicken, as it has been a special memory close to me.

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