A Recent Song That My Soul Danced To

Haramata means in the morning in Greek (Roman characters translation). Recently I heard this song on Spotify’s Release Radar, and felt the moment the artist started sing it spoke to me deeply.

A few years ago I came across a singing competition Euro-vision where artists from countries across Europe would represent them in a competition. I fell in love with certain countries’ music, especially the Greek music. Today I find recent popular music played in the USA does not have any real substance in lyrics, unique in song composition, and original style. It doesn’t speak much to me anymore.

It is said music is a universal language, and even with this song being in Greek which I do understand a few of the words, it still speaks across languages. The song Haramata means in the morning, and it is fitting for how I feel this past month going into 2023. There are still things from last year that are etched deep in my heart like foreign wounds that only happen when one goes through a dark night of the soul, and makes it through to the morning- to the light.

And then I danced. Letting the song move through me to remember and let my soul dance once more, in the morning.

Lyrics for Haramata (In The Morning) by Klavdia
Translated from Greek to English

Before you turn off the lights again
and let me fade away slowly
It etched deep into my heart
a sun and two wings
to have somewhere to look
And a way to go
and let them remain engraved
like foreign wounds on me

The mornings
On the covers
The mornings
To ask you
The mornings
With empty arms
The mornings
Stay up late
I'm not judging you, I'm telling you the truth
Maybe it is better this way
my eyes don't have enough tonight
may my heart find you in the middle

and I have nowhere to go
in the darkness I lean
they only remain engraved
like foreign wounds on me.
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