How Do I Show Love?

This question has been going through my mind lately, not because February is coming up soon. Recently as a single women somehow convinced myself to sign up for a Bible study at church on the topic of how we love/ or show love.

I will be honest, it was more for couples then for singles like myself who haven’t married….yet. But the thing is, it goes through how our love styles affect how we love or show love to another. It all starts with our childhood, from the moment we arrived in the world, to the present. Each loving or lack of loving interactions with our parents or caretaker shapes our love style. When I took the long detailed test by the authors of the study’s book, I realized how I show love is completely different then what I though at first.

So how do I show love?

I show it by being present and spending time with the ones I love. I show love by supporting them and giving them a safe place to be who they are.

Then again as I ponder this question more, I need to do a deeper dive into figuring out how to confidently say how I love. What truly is my love style?

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