I Procrastinated In Writing About Procrastination

Since I am writing this prompt a day later, I am clearly procrastinating. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

See the good thing about procrastinating on this blog post meant I could read all the other blogger’s posts and get a sense of what the prompt means (a pro). The bad thing about procrastinating on this post is getting to this stage and still have no idea (or is it fear) it will be read. After all it is a day late (a con).

Yet this morning I was scrolling on Pinterest (instead of putting the laundry away) when a quote popped up on the feed, “My motto- if tomorrow isn’t the due date, today isn’t the due date.” Putting laundry away doesn’t have a due date, so I can relax right (a pro)? In my professional life I am anything close to a procrastinator, yet when I get home I become one. Have you seen the list in my planner of things to do? It gets longer the more I decide not to do any of it. Which makes my anxiety worse (a con).

I want to blame being tired for not getting stuff done of late. I realized there are times when putting something off is a form of self care, and it should not be looked at as procrastinating. When really all you need is to recharge the batteries so you can get stuff done. Everywhere I turn it seems there are more influencers talking about hustling, not procrastinating, go go go attitude, and rest is for the wicked or the dead. But I disagree because procrastination can be beneficial when you need a break from all the energy absorbing things we do on the daily.

So if procrastination means I’m taking a break, so be it. I can always put something off until tomorrow. I call it setting your priorities.

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