Closing The Chapter On January

Oh wait! Didn’t the month just start?

I know you are thinking it already one month down in this year and eleven months to go. Trust me dear reader, I thought the very same thing when I looked at the calendar and found it was almost February.

The beginning of the year is always a lull period around here, and the weather at times showed it. It was full on Pacific Northwest winter and waking up to that winter fog that happens around this time has got me longing for spring to come. Reading Josie from Fashion Mumblr and Lydia Mullen’s blog posts on gardening had me wanting to start planting…or least start planning the garden this spring. I have been collecting seeds over the past months for this year’s planting.

If you haven’t already noticed on the blog, I have been a little more active. I have been doing the WordPress Bloganuary the whole month of January. When I posted my first post to the prompt, I jokingly said I wanted to accomplish posting for all thirty one days. Ha! I tried, and I was somewhat successful, but there were days were the prompts were not inspiring me to write or really write at all. Would I do it again, yes. To read them click HERE.

This past month I have been planning my summer-early autumn trips. I don’t know why, but getting the Idaho official travel guide in the mail the other day just got me excited. I am excited for traveling again, and getting into the mood to plan for upcoming trips has me wonder lusting for other destinations in the world.

Will see where all this planning is going to take me this year!

But a travel guide in the mail was not the only thing that got me excited. Getting the custom Weather Tech floor and trunk mats I have been wanting to get for my car came this month. With the way the weather is around here, they have come in handy in keeping the car from feeling damp and smelling like it. I recommend getting you some for your vehicles.

Which brings me to another thing, dash cams. This month has been a eye opener in the dash cam ownership. You do not realize what the heck is happening around you until you play the footage back! I can for sure say Seattle drivers are the worse. My review camera picked up some crazy things from drivers behind me- including a police officer. The reason I got one, is after one of my coworkers was pulled over and accused of illegally using the carpool lanes when she clearly could prove she was not in the carpool lane illegally. With Ring now making a dash cam, no better time to get one.

Books Read, Books Recommended:
Never Rescue Rogue – Virginia Heath (4/5 stars) A light romance read before bed.
Stuck With You (Novella) – Ali Hazelwood (4/5 stars) I love romance novels/novellas between two people in the STEM fields represented.
The Bright Ages, New History of Medieval Europe – Matthew Gabriele & David M Perry (4.5/5 non-fiction) Nothing dark about the Medieval times, and Rome did not fall in one day or even a year. Things you learn.

Watch List Keeps Growing:
Empires: Ottomans vs. Dracula- Netflix (4.5/5) Dracula the real origin story!
The Invitation- Netflix (4/5) Good Lord! It was strange to watch the first time through, but then the second time it made sense.
Emily In Paris S3- Netflix (3.5/5) I’m still figuring out how I feel about this show.
All Creatures Great and Small S3- Masterpiece/PBS (5/5) I need a charming idyllic countryside in this dark winter world.
Miss Scarlet and The Duke S3 – Masterpiece/PBS (4.5/5) Season 4? Please!
The Ottoman lieutenant – Netflix (5/5) That scene, the scene that just proves something that everyone knows about during WW1. Just watch it.
The Bling Empire: New York – Netflix (2.5/5) I’m over it before it even started.

I realized as I went through my camera roll of the month, I didn’t take really any pictures. That is how you know it has been a quiet month. Possibly February will have more pictures? Will have to turn the page for the next chapter to see.

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