Let’s Wrap This Bloganuary Up

The end of the month has come, and here I am catching up with the days I missed on the WordPress Bloganuary. Just remember I did say it would be an accomplishment to get through all thirty one days of blogging. I have managed to accomplish it in some way. Cheers!

Something I Learned Recently

The past is where you learned the lesson. The future is where you applied the lesson.


Some lessons are hard to learn, and others are not. What I have learned recently is that some of the hardest lessons you learn in this life are repeated in the future, for you to applied what you learned in the past. It can come at anytime, anywhere, and in any situation.

Case in point this past month.

After a year of ups and downs due to particular individuals, I learned the hard way of what betrayal was, and being thrown under the bus by those who took advantage of a moment of vulnerability. As I sit here, almost a year later, and a month into the new year, a lesson was repeated, but this time I knew what was coming. Instead of having these particular individuals go at it again to me, I learned to take a step back and assess the situation before responding. Most of all I learned through all the lessons I have learned from this, I have become much stronger then I thought I was.

The Titles Of My Autobiography’s Chapters

Chapter One: Little Girl Dances In Parries Grass

Chapter 2: No One Remembers Your GPA, But You

Chapter 3: A Scientist, A Cockroach, and The FDA

Chapter 4: Into The World Of Biotech

Chapter 5: In The Valleys and On The Mountain Peeks

Chapter 6: Tanzania

Chapter 7: Pandemic of Opportunity

Chapter 8: To Be Continue……

I still a whole lot of life to live, so the autobiography is going to have to wait for a bit. 😉

Best Place To Watch A Sunset

The best place for people to watch the sunset in the Seattle area watch either at the local beach/park or up in the mountains. The above picture is on Whidbey Island. It was taken on a summer evening during a stroll on the beach before a campfire potluck with friends.

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  1. Cheers to 31 posts 🙂


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