Chapter Opening | February

Oh February, how short of a month you are. Full of love, yet full of cold winter nights. Hello February, hello to the the baby of the year.

In the month ahead, there is a whispering of the cold nights turning to spring, as the evenings become less darker by 5pm. The cold mornings are still here, as was the dusting of powder sugar snow this morning. Old man winter is still here, letting those sunny bright days have chill in the air and frost on the ground.

Yet love is in the air.

Valentines day is upon us in full swing with red roses, chocolates and romantic Hallmark movies. It is a month to show love and a month to receive love. Most importantly to love the life you have, and what is to come in the following months ahead. Even as a single person around this time of the year, you are loved by someone, and that person can be you.

So this month is about self-care, about buying those flowers, chocolates, reading those romantic novels, and watch those Rom-coms. It is about patience with yourself, as good things take time, like fine wine (I know cheesy). There is a purpose between the beginnings of relationships and the endings. Beginning of loving who you are in this moment, and endings of what you don’t deserve.

Let February be the bridge to your self-care and loving who you are, imperfect, yet perfect. Raise a glass to February, full of possibilities.

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