Closing Chapter Two | February

On just like that, February’s 28 days have come to a close! Which means that as expected this is a recap of the baby of the year went.

First this month marks eleven years since I started this blog. WordPress sent this little reminder to me the day the first blog post was published (Unfortunately the post no longer exists).

Happy Anniversary with! You registered on 11 years ago. Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

Yes it has flown by and how much it has changed since 2012!

This month I did a No Spend Month and I learned a lot about my relationship with money. With the state of inflation in this country, the price of essentials going up by the day, and everything else going on in the world, it seems like we are all in a wealth rat race. Good thing that came out of it was going through and using stuff on hand. It was a mini spring clean before the major cleaning starts in the following two months. It was hard at first to resist the urge to spend on the small things (Magnolia magazine anyone?) and eating out with friends. In the end I feel I have spend more then I saved by spending it mostly on bills, food, and other essentials. Then again, inflation and the cost of living going up as paychecks get smaller.

As of this past month I have two trips planned for this year. One of them is only a girls weekend trip and the other is to go visit my Nana for two weeks. I will say planning two trips is not easy as the travel bloggers or influencers say it is. As you saw above with my no spend month, it going to be an expensive year-again! But traveling and experiences are worth it, when it is done with people you love. The trips I’m planning are Vancouver BC, Canada and Idaho Falls, Idaho. If you have any tips or places to check out let me know in the comments.

Which leads me to this one place I would love to travel to in the future, Turkye (Turkey). With an earthquake that devastated southern part along with Northern Syria, it has been on my mind recently. I signed up for civilian disaster response team in the community where I live. Since getting on the safety and response team at work, I have been wanting to learn how to respond in theses times. Will have to check back in with you all on it, after I complete it in March. As for the earthquake response in Turkye and Syria, it is never too late to help.

By the time this post goes live, it has been one week into Lent. As this post (HERE) states, it’s been a little hard at first. The first full days of Lent had the temperatures in the Seattle area at freezing level with snow and ice. It’s been hard start, but I am optimistic that it will get easier in the coming days.

Books Read:
Better Than Fiction- Alexa Martin (4/5)
The Murder of Mr. Wickham- Claudia Gray (4/5)
Love On The Brain- Ali Hazelwood (5/5)

Watched List:
Tide-lander- Netflix
Finished: Creatures Great and Small-Masterpiece (PBS)
Finished: Miss Scarlet and the Duke-Masterpiece (PBS)
After Self-Netflix

See you in the next month!

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