Opening Chapter Three | Hello March

Hello March!

Lighter mornings and lighter evenings as the whispers of spring start to fruit. The hardware store with it’s racks of seeds, bulbs and flower pots waiting to be planted. Nature starts to wake up from it’s winter slumber as the trees begin to bud, and the crocus’s leaves push through the soil.

The Pacific Northwest winter rain fades into spring rain that will bring fields of bright blooms of tulips in April. March come in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, is the old saying. Lent season is in swing, and St. Patrick’s Day, an Irish holiday that warms the spirit as you sip on a Guinness at room temp. Cadbury chocolate eggs are in stores, tempting us until Easter.

It’s time for spring cleaning, throwing open the windows to let in the fresh as we dust off winter and blow out the stale air and cobwebs that have been collecting. Clocks jump forward and the hours begin to stretch with new possibilities and opportunity.

The daffodils have poked their heads from below, bringing vivid color back to what has at times felt like a bleak landscape in recent months.

With the arrival March comes the long-awaited arrival of spring and a sense of optimism for better days ahead.

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