Closing Chapter Three | March

I would like to say this month was all about cooking and baking since that is what majority of this month felt like. I don’t know what happened over the last few years, but I forgot how much I enjoy baking and cooking for others. With St. Patrick’s Day, meal train for a friend who recently had twins, potlucks galore and many meals in between that complies with Lent. Maybe this is the kick into a new direction this year when it come to food.

Here is what I mean by baking and cooking this month:

  • Beer bread 2x using Guinness.
  • Irish Stew made for St. Paddy’s day
  • Irish soda bread (Rosemary and Cheddar one HERE)
  • Making the Costco Muffins at home
  • Beef and Guinness stout pot pie

I celebrated St. Paddy’s day with authentic Irish stew, with my homemade Irish Soda bread, at a friend’s place who is Irish. The whole group watched a very old Disney movie set in Ireland called Darby O’Gill and the Little People.

Talk about a very young Sean Connery (Mr. James Bond) and getting to hear him singing. If you want to watch, it’s on Disney Plus.

Book Review:

Spare – Prince Harry Duke of Sussex. Rating 1.5/5. It was painful to get through this book because of how…..sigh… just was. After finishing it, it felt as there was nothing really juicy in it, nor relatable. After watching Anna Bey’s 10 Things That Tell You Don’t Have Class (HERE), I figured out why I thought this book was a 1.5.

  • Air there’s or other’s dirty laundry in public
  • A fake friend
  • Not respecting other people’s boundaries
  • Treating service people like servants and degrading comments about others
  • Lacking compassion

Do you see where I am coming from? Especially other people’s private life. Crossing other people’s boundaries is a hard NO! The world does not need to hear or witness these things.

Spare was not the only book I read this month. I read two others that were much better fit.

  • Loath To Hate You – Ali Hazelwood
    • Rating: 4/5
    • STEMmist romance in novella format.
  • Through A Darkening Glass – R.S. Maxwell
    • Rating 4.5/5
    • Dark British mystery during WWII.

Funny Thing From The Lab:

I don’t know if bat shaped popsicles are “big brain” idea, but it managed to find a way on the board. The whole thing about mad scientists do exists in some capacity in weird ideas we come up with. I have a few times considered the idea of talking about science and what I do for a living. I know the blog name is A Biotechie’s Life does give it away a little, yet I hardly if rarely talk about it. I thought because of the controversies in biotech and the sciences. Let me know if it is something you would like to hear a little more about.

Garden Update:

For March I started planting a few seeds that take awhile to grow so they can be ready for planting outdoors come June. There a few new plants that will be added to the garden:

  • Green Hatch Chili
  • Jalapenos

A few house plants were re-potted into new pots and a few sadly left for another house after I almost killed it this winter (prayer plant). I will be getting another one and try again.


It hasn’t been easy this past month when it come to Lent. It never is easy since you do sacrifice a few things for forty days that your brain starts to think it is in detox and freak out. I have been keeping the Sabbath on Sundays after going through an four week Bible study on the topic. Keeping to the meatless Mondays and fish Fridays have been easy, yet the no junk food has been hard when people at work being in baked goods! There is still two more weeks as of this post of Lent, so I will get through it, and hopefully continue with a few of the Lent practices.

Watched List:

Creed III- Theatre 3.5/5
Lyal Lyal Crocodile – Netflix 3.5/5
The King’s Daughter – Prime 3.5/5
Sanditon (Season 3 started) – Masterpiece/ PBS
Maria Annette – Masterpiece/PBS
Fire In Paradise – Netflix 4/5
New Amsterdam – Netflix 4/5

March has been a busy month with baking and cooking for various events. It is starting to look busy in April from a glance at my planner, and I am starting to get excited for spring/summer time. I felt this past winter has been too long-even for Seattle standards. I am ready for all the blue skies and sunshine or vitamin D, I have been missing.

What are your April plans? Did March seem busy for you too?

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