Closing Chapter Four | April

I don’t know exactly what the heck I was going on about in the chapter beginning post of April. Maybe for some weird reason I wanted to badly to see tulips. And…..It wasn’t until the end of the month that the tulips started to bloom in full color. Spring was a little late to the party this time, in PNW fashion. Now that we have spring blooms, it’s time to close this chapter.

Visiting The Cows:

At the beginning of the month I was invited to the house of a member of the church for a potluck dinner. They live on a mini cattle ranch were they raise Black Angus cows for meat. Of course there were some shenanigans with loading up hay rolls in the back of the trailer and one of the calves had pink eye in need of treatment.

I won’t lie, I missed this kind of thing. Being among the farmland, and the cows. At some point you want to return to your roots after years of being far way from it.


Good Friday service at church had a clear sunny evening that reflected on the message of the service. It took me around thirty five minutes to go through all the stations of the cross instead of the hour long in the past. Maybe it had to do with me being a greeter for majority of the service.

Easter was a quiet one again this year. The weather was not the best, but the rain did hold off until after church. I wore a dress with my cowboy boots to church and my caramel coat. An outfit I haven’t worn in a long time. I did get a lot of compliments on the outfit and my smile.

Instead of ham for dinner, it was the left over lamb from Christmas with simple roasted potatoes and rolls. I am surprised this year I wasn’t going crazy for the Cadbury chocolate caramel filled eggs.

Monday Night Girl’s Night:

Its been a while since I have been in downtown Seattle on a weeknight. Things have changed, yet the vibration of city life still manages to pulsate in the Seattle way of long ago (that makes me feel old!). At one time I did blog about all the things I got up to in the Seattle area, but that has dropped off over the years since the issues arising in the city now. But one Monday night I did have dinner with a friend Capital Hill area, and tried Katsu Burger and Bar.

Tried the Katsu Curry Burger with 12 Spiced Fries with Curry Mayo. The burger was so good, and it reminded me of the katsu I get for lunch at a local Hawaiian Poke place near work. The fries were good as well, but a few of them were very spicy and the curry mayo made it even more spicy! Overall I give the burger and fries 4.5/5 stars.

Then for dessert we went for ice cream at Molly Moons to use a gift card I go a years ago. I tried for the first time the standard flavor Melted Chocolate with a waffle cone.

Watched List:
Finished Sandition – Masterpiece/PBS
Ahhh Belinda – Netflix
We Have A Ghost – Netflix

Let’s Talk Sandition:

Okay I will admit, I cheated and found the whole third season on YouTube. I watched it all and I have no shame for it either. I enjoyed knowing how it all would turn out in the end before it concluded on TV. I was a bittersweet journey that has come to an end after it was cancelled back in 2020 with only one season. I am so thankful to the Sandition Sisterhood made it possible for two more season and to have all the characters have their happy ending that Jane Austen herself would have wanted. Maybe The Watsons will be the next unfinished novel by Jane Austen to be turned into a Masterpiece series. You never know!

Garden Update:

I killed my prayer plant, and had to buy another one to replace it. I don’t understand why it decided to die all of a sudden, and I asked myself if I didn’t do enough praying during Lent. It wasn’t just the prayer plant that bit the dust, my orchid died as well. Most people know that I kill orchids, and only ever give me fake ones. Also my olive tree all of a sudden had spots on the leaves and the trunk that nearly killed it too. I managed to get it under control before the plant had too much damage. It had to be re-potted and sprayed with neem oil as an insecticide. I am sending prayers for my olive tree to survive, since they are hard to find at any area nurseries.

Books Read:
The Fine Print – Lauren Asher (Audio Book)
Two Wrongs Make A Right – Chloe Liese
Elegant Etiquette In The Nineteenth Century – Mallory James
Jane Austen’s Style – Anne Toner
A Visitor Guide to Jane Austen’s England – Sue Wilkes

Typing this on the back deck in the shade, April has closed with some warm weather. Spring has come, and I am loving it! Next month as I glance at my calendar, it is going to be a busy one with an international trip and a few other fun activities.

Cheers to spring and to another April!

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