From Coronation Celebration To A Baseball Game

Is it possible for someone to go from watching a British thing to and American thing all in one day? That is exactly what happened this past weekend.

King Charles III’s Coronation Watch

The celebration started the day before with making coronation chicken. This simple recipe done for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, has been a tradition still through this coronation. Then night before I watched Queen Charlotte, the Bridgerton Story to begin the royal celebrations. I did not stay up to watch the whole coronation in real time since I would be up past twenty-four hours and I had another event I needed to be at later in the day.

The morning of Saturday it was a rainy gray day here to western Washington , and based on the recorded coronation, it was a similar weather there in London. I ended up not watching the recorded coronation broadcast I DVR’d, but the one on YouTube through the GBN channel (Great Britain News). I watched all five hours of the whole celebration.

The coronation was beautiful and even through the pomp and ceremony it still a fascinating to watch something so historic playing out. This won’t be the last coronation I will see in my lifetime. There is still William and maybe I will see George come to the throne.

Fascinating to watch it from the couch in my pajamas eating breakfast and clear across the ocean in the US. Watching it unfold on my screen, it made me want to travel back to the UK. It has been too long! Maybe it is time to start looking into it.

And the coronation chicken you ask? I had that for lunch before I head out to the Mariners game with friends.

Seattle Mariners Game

Nothing beats going to a good ol’ fashion baseball game on a Saturday night with friends. And it wasn’t disappointing either! It was Washington employee night at T-Mobile Park and seats were inexpensive. So why not go with friends who love baseball.

The Seattle Mariners hosted the Huston Astros for a three game series, with debuting a new player the night I went with friends. I got tickets for all six of us in the view section of the stadium with a view of the Seattle Skyline in the background. They were the best seats I have so far ever had! Just take look at that view!

Everyone agreed they were the best seats so far we had. I believe in the future we will be getting seats like these.

Lately the Mariners have been a winning streak this season, yet it is still a little early if it will last, but Saturday night was something else! Coming back in the eight inning to win the game was pure Mariners baseball gold.

It was wild! The eight inning was just wild with hit after hit and all of them coming home! All the Mariners fans in the whole stadium just went crazy including us. The game ended with the Mariners winning and celebration was just going strong has we all walked back to our cars to go home.

I’m so happy I finally saw them win the game I went to, and having a blast with friends who made it even better, with seats that could not have been perfect. It was the perfect experience!

As the day closed driving through Seattle at night, it felt the whole day was perfect. Just living in the moment!

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