About The Blog

Hi, I’m Lacey! I’m a scientist by day, and at night I’m a blogger here at A Biotechie’s Life. This blog has been my corner of the internet for the last eight years where I indulge in a creative outlet after a full day of being scientific. This blog started after college, and back then it was amateur phone pictures at touristy spots around Seattle, poor HTML codes, and background of DNA strands (what was I thinking?!). But eight years later, I’ve managed to transform this hobby blog into what you see now.

Much like my blog, I have grown and changed over the years, so has the content. At present day I pour my heart out onto these pages of this blog along side snap shots of daily life, trips, living in the PNW and working in the biotech industry.

Girl Behind The Blog

I live in Seattle, Washington with my cat Maddie, a Maine Coon (they are big cats!). In college I majored in biology and biotechnology at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington. After graduation, I have been working as an associate scientist at a bio pharmaceutical company developing cancer therapies. You can find me in all Pacific Northwest fashion, out of doors either hiking, soaking up the sun, and traveling.

Thank you for stopping by!