Frequently Asked Questions

I was born in Seattle Washington

I currently live in the Seattle area. The Pacific Northwest is home, the Seattle Seahawks are my football team and I’m a 12th (wo)man! I do envision myself living (someday) in Europe. Where..well there are still too many options!

I enjoy a good day exploring places off the beaten path in my own backyard or in far off places.

What is my favorite food? Hamburgers with fries! But if you have anything made of chocolate, I’m all over it!

Do I travel? A bit! I have been to England, Ireland, Canada, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. Closer to home, I have been to all the west coast states, and a few other states sprinkled in there.

Do you have pets? My family has a 13 year old Maine Coon cat named Maddie. She is a much beloved family member.

What is your favorite hike in Washington? Has to be Mount Baker Wilderness’s Winchester Peak-Twin Lakes. Awe inspiring and beautiful beyond words. The Olympic National Park around Hurricane Ridge/Hills is a second.Does it rain a lot in Seattle? It rains in Seattle mostly in the winter months. Mostly Seattle just has a lot of days of gray skies and light mist of rain

Subject in school you were good at? Interestingly, it was not science! I was great at history and love to visit old historical places. Science was a second subject I was good at.

Where did your blog name come from? Interestingly, A Biotechie’s Life came to me when I was in a biotechnology program in college (community college). I was referring to me as a scientist and an online diary. It allowed me to post a wide range of topics instead of just one.

How long have you been blogging? I have been a blogger since 2010. Started on Blogspot and moved to WordPress in 2012.

Thanks you again for stopping by!