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The Seattle Snow Apocalypse

The storm had a name. Like a hurricane, the snow storm was called Maya. Maya had come to this part of United States, just as Lucian did in the Midwest and the East Coast. Our polar vortex, and one which involved ice sheets on hills. The first round of the snow came Sunday evening during… Continue reading The Seattle Snow Apocalypse

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Christmas Of Years Past

This girl may have been watching too much Hallmark Channel Christmas movies and now it may have gone to her head... a little. Christmas time for some reason makes past eras (1800s anyone?) seem closer than any other time of year (except for baseball season). Last year a friend told me about the Meeker Mansion… Continue reading Christmas Of Years Past

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Avoid The Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

It's the holidays and you know what that means? Presents go missing off the porch or even under the tree or whatever you put presents under! In the past you could have a package dropped off on the porch without a problem, but those days are long gone! Porch Pirates or as you can call… Continue reading Avoid The Porch Pirates This Holiday Season

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Sugar Plum Christmas Time

The Nutcracker... that is for children and adults who are children at heart. Because of an adult is a good person, in his heart, he still is a child. In every person, the best, most important part is that which remains from his childhood. ~George Balanchine There is something about the season of Christmas that… Continue reading Sugar Plum Christmas Time

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A Winter Stroll…

Stormy winter days on Puget Sound are a perfect day for a little stroll to cure the soul. It has been a long time since I have been to Golden Gardens Park and little did I know I returned on the same day as the wedding I went to two years ago. A lot has… Continue reading A Winter Stroll…