My Code Of Conduct

Sometimes I have to admit that it has taken me a couple of years to finally process the enormity of it all and how far the blogging community has come. There has been definitely been change in the way we are accepted by our audiences and the transparency, authenticity and general integrity that started off with the “hobby blog” which seems to be more important today then it was a few years ago.

Back then this blog started off as a means to share opinions, experiences, life updates, and travel. Yet as I type this, I know for a fact this blog has changed over the years, and with it comes many questions about the code of conduct I have for myself as a blogger, and what it means to be apart of a constant changing community.

With this in mind I wanted to write down (more like type) what the morals, values and beliefs I keep with me every step of the way.

Sponsored content and Advertisements:

My approach to sponsored content is always the same. I ask the one important question ” would I tell my family or friends about this product/service/etc?” I also apply this question to posts about experiences, and travel destinations. With many bloggers/creators pushing for sponsored content on their sites, I am one of a few who doesn’t seek sponsored post. This does not mean there will never be a sponsored post, but if this was to occur, I want to be as open as possible about it.

Any ads I myself put on to the blog because I want to highlight the product or service will not generate a commission from the advertiser unless stated otherwise.

Drama/ Hate/ Online Negativity:

As a human being I to fall short of this at times. I try to be the person I know to be both on the internet and in person. That won’t always be the same for everyone, opinions differ and personalities clash but one thing I will always stand up for is what I believe in. Whether directed at me or someone else, if I feel something is wrong, unjust or remotely construed as bullying I will make myself known. I prefer to sit out of these things and will speak up for what I believe in as much as I can. I will pick my battles wisely because I value my humility far more than my ego.


I never fit in at school and still as an adult I don’t feel the need to fit now either. I started my blog making content I wanted to read, and it wasn’t ever about being relatable to the masses or appealing to the biggest audience. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t think anyone would ever be reading this blog except my family and a few friends. I have enjoyed making content first and foremost because if I don’t to me it is not genuine. But with that said I really want the subscribers to enjoy it and if the content is relatable is is AMAZING to know.


Except for a bit of filter here and brightness there, and maybe tidying up some background noise, there won’t be any done if a person is in the picture.

The beauty of blogging is you make the rules, you do it your way! But I personally want everything I put out into this blog to have a positive impact in some shape or form. I want to ensure we are all on the same page and that you know where I stand on matters after 8 years of doing this.