Scientific Disclosure

Normally this blog is not about scientific discoveries being done all around the world, nor is it a medical or scientific research advice blog. As a member of the world’s scientific community I do have a moral obligation to disclose the following.

I am not licensed medical doctor or medical personnel except in phlebotomy.

If I post something medical related (e.g. cancer treatment) which may come across as medical advice, please note, you need to talk to your healthcare provider or doctor. Only they can determine what proper diagnosis or treatment for you. Posts with medical or scientific topics will have a disclaimer at the bottom stating the above disclosure in some form.

Transparency in science is what I strive for. Public does have a right to know all the facts when it comes to what is happening in the science community. I will only post things in the science field that I can legally post!

I do not post anything on this blog that is a trade secret, not fully disclosed by the organization or could patently harm an individual’s or group’s research.

I never post about clinical trials or research that is sensitive. EVER!

I do not have to legally disclose who or where I work on this blog.

I don’t take inquires for employment or contract work with companies or organizations in STEM through this blog. You may contact me through Linkedin.

I have the right not to respond to scientific inquires if I am justify it goes against my rights as a scientist or an individual.

Any questions contact me further.

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Thank you for reading and supporting this blog!